This girl, born in Palencia, started her career as a DJ in Valladolid (Spain) in 2001. After a break in her ascending career, she returns to her union with the mixing and the sounds that point directly to the dance floor.

In love with electronic music, she takes her first steps influenced by the sounds of American house, trip-hop and indie, while continuing to evolve in her style, including in her sessions the most avant-garde trends of electronic music, deep house and nu-disco.

In this period of time she has played in the best clubs in her city, being also resident and promoter of two of the most influential clubs in the city as were Lalola Club and Click Clack Club, giving projection to later have appointment in some of the best national clubs, Italy, France and Portugal.

During her career, she has received and shared cabins with artists such as Maetrik, Shonky, Tadeo, Alexkid, Coyu, Jesse Perez, Russ Yallop, Alexis Raphael, Droog, Sarah Goldfrap, Fabio Gianelli, and rising talents and producers such as Balcazar & Sordo, to name a few.

Currently based in Barcelona and having passed through several of the most representative clubs in the city, Vicky continues to offer us her sessions with a very personal sound and full of groove. House and tech house, dressed with hip hop, funk and nu disco sounds, directed to the dance floor, becoming one of the fundamental pieces of  Femnøise and the House music scene in Spain.


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