Doors open 21h

Gatasanta is María Barros, a colombian, Barcelona based artist, dj, producer and co-founder of Shaddock Records, an intimate label and family diving across different musical styles, coalescing with artists as Uwe Schmidt aka AtomTM, Tin Man, Dj Stingray, J.T.C., D’Marc Cantu, Mathew Jonson, Mr and Mrs Jonson.. For ten years she has been collaborating with the pioneer viennese techno label Pomelo as dj and promoter. For the last two years, she has been happily engaged with music and Barcelona’s Contemporary Art scene as member of “Trama 34” artist ensemble. She’s producing and playing in two local projects: Amas, the noise experimental dúo “Amas” with Lucy Tcherno aka Ivana Ray Singh and “Inditexts” (with visual artists Eulàlia Rovira and Adrian Schindler).

She established herself as a dj more than 10 years ago living in Paris at the european underground Electro scene linked to the Cybernetic Broadcasting System, now IFM from The Hague djing in France but also organizing parties in important venues in Paris, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland; also being part important Festivals as Exit in Novisad and co-organizing events in Berlin, Vienna and Paris for Pomelo and Shaddock Records.