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About Me

All my life loving electronic music without knowing that it would change my life.

Influenced by the electronic sounds of the 80s.

i´m a lover of Progressive electronic music and melodic techno, where melodies merge to create a magical atmosphere and feelings come to the surface.

I´m based in Valencia, a few years ago I decided to take a course at Yamaha Music School, where my vision of mixing completely changed and I found the style that currently defines me … melodic progression.

Later I came Streamings in incredible locations ( Alaquàs´ Castle (Valencia), Pico Palomeras (Ayora, Valencia), Balcón del Meditérraneo (Benidorm, Alicante), i´d visited different radio stations, interviews and various events.

I´m started in music production with a view to releasing my first song shortly and collaborating on another with another artist.

Currently i´m doing a techno-percussive fusion with a percussionist from my city and i´m collaborating with artists from other genres.


DJ, Producer

Music Styles

Techno, Trance