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Giek_1’s confronting and healing live set tells a story of hope and strength amidst the escapism and passion fueled confusion of our generation. She explores the art of body movement, combined with vivid, almost meditative lyrics and a deeply personal, trance, gabber and rnb nostalgia infused experimental pop and deconstructed club sound. The electronic live show sometimes touches the borders of a rave which challenges the audience to rethink their existence right on the dance floor.

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Since the dawn of time we have always been here. We’ve seen Pharaos rise and legionaries fall. The truth has been buried countless times, yet time and time again, we’ve been there to bring it back into the light.

Humanity as a species faces internal turmoil that is mirrored onto their outer world. Opposing factions working towards radically different goals. The results of their actions causing apparently irreparable rifts in both the environment and collective psyche.

There are forces at work that will try to bend you to their will. They will tempt you with tales of wealth and power.

You must recognise these for the falsehoods that they are, and you will know that they cannot fill the void you feel inside.

Instead you will journey within yourself. That is the battle you must face. Unite your feminine and masculine energies. Unite light and dark. Ascend to a higher dimension. Create paradise on Earth.

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Beatmaker, Choirs / Voice Artist, Composer, Keys / Synthesizers, Multimedia Artist, Music Producer, Music Video Producer, Musical / Artistic Producer, Performer, Pop Singer, Singer, Soloist, Songwriter

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Electronic, Experimental Music, Opera, Pop, Rap, Trance, Trap

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