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Hi, I’m Zigalet. I’m a music producer and composer from Spain, currently based in the Austrian Alps. 

I create emotional electronic music with a danceable twist and cinematic melodies… plus a hint of latin flavor.

I come from a family of flamenco artists where life revolves around music, performance, and art. I studied architecture and performance management, which were building blocks toward the construction of musical compositions. I have lived in four different countries, taking up the languages along the way.

Starting 2020 I immersed herself fully in music production and I have not looked back since. My debut album Nadir was released in October, 2020.

I make music to inspire people to believe in themselves, fight for their dreams, and share in the joy of being alive, as life is a team effort and not an individual sport.

There is too much competition in our society, where only one can be successful. More than ever we need to be connected and work together, not against each other; without trampling anyone to get ahead.

My aim is to be part of a community that supports and inspires each other to overcome their own limits and be able to move forward together.

At the moment I’m working on a couple of music videos, a collaboration for a short film, and new songs to release. On top of that, I co-hosts a music producing challenge twice per week where the goal is to create 2 minutes of original music inspired by an image in under 90 minutes. These tracks are uploaded regularly to my YouTube channel.


Music Producer, Songwriter

Music Styles

Classical, Drum and Bass, Electronic, Experimental Music, House, Indie, Instrumental, Tropical

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Female Pressure, Women in Music, Other