How to create my course at Femnoise

Sharing your skills and monetizing them has never been easier!

Prepare your course step by step, contribute your knowledge to empower more users in the music industry, and get extra resources as a Femnøise instructor.

Natalia San Juan · junio 4, 2020

Sharing your skills and monetizing them has never been easier

If you want to be an instructor on our platform – and you are not familiar with creating courses on online platforms – this course will help you clarify many doubts and encourage you to participate.

We recommend you to follow this course step by step until the end. You will find videos that will simplify the use and learning of the platform, the rest will be in the hands of your creativity and motivation. Explore the technology! We will always be by your side to help you.

If you are worried about how to record the training videos, don’t worry. We have recorded this course entirely with a mobile phone, you do not need a complex equipment, you can find a few links to applications that will simplify the process.

And remember… not only is it necessary to have extensive and complex courses, we are sure that many of your skills can help thousands of women, trans and non binary people around the world to strengthen their careers or encourage them to start one in the ecosystem of the music industry.

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