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  • Submit to my monthly EDM playlist!

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  • Emma Young

    mayo 13, 2021 en 11:59 pm

    Last month I started a chill EDM playlist called “Forest Friends” and tomorrow is the update for May! I’d love to have more women in music featured for next month. This is a great community of many talented artists so if you want to share your tracks please reply with your song link!

    I’m looking forward to hearing some great new tracks from you all for the May “Forest Friends” playlist!

    Here is a link to the playlist as it is now, Happy Listening!

  • Viviane Pitaya

    septiembre 9, 2021 en 1:44 am

    So great! If you can add on your playlist my song “Chá de Camomila – Viviane Pitaya” will be amazing!!!😍

    • Emma Young

      septiembre 9, 2021 en 2:27 pm

      Great to hear from you! I will keep you on the list for the October playlist. =)

    • Emma Young

      septiembre 9, 2021 en 2:59 pm

      Great to hear from you! The Forest Friends playlist is focused on EDM and lofi music but youre so talented. Love the song.

  • Sofía Lecuona Pugno

    abril 24, 2022 en 1:24 pm

    Hi Emma nice to meet you! I’m Sofía.

    I want to share with you my debut album so you can check if any of the tracks fit your playlists 💜

    Narcótico is ambient, Descenso is techno, Rescate is drone and Uroboros is chillstep

    Hope you like them 🙌

  • Stef FX

    junio 9, 2022 en 8:26 am

    Hi Emma,

    My new Chill track is out now! Hope you like it 🙂

    Here is the link for all the platforms and Souncloud

    Best Regards,


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