synergies to make our work more powerful

Femnøise is a global project, and as such we need partners who ensure that we work with all the security measures and help us to achieve our objectives.

We work with brands and organisations specialising in different areas:

SAE Institute is the world’s largest creative media education institution, with more than 50 campuses on five continents.

SAE Institute’s curriculum has been carefully crafted with the advice of leading educational partners and top industry professionals to prepare students for the needs of the global creative industry.

SAE Institute offers a complete range of courses in creative media (audio, film, animation, video games and music industry), with a strong tradition of practice-based training and high recognition from industry companies.

Drop.Show is a Big Data and Digital Marketing company specialising in the music industry.

The Big Data tool allows promoters, managers and bookers to get to know an artist and their audience, so they can analyse their data, study their evolution and know where their listeners are in order to make the right booking decisions.

They also help artists, associations and other industry professionals with their communication and marketing needs: social media strategies, ADS campaigns, email marketing and web design, among other services. Everything you need to get your message across to your target audience.

Cod@ttic Data protection – Digital law – Compliance.

They are our advisors in legal matters. They provide us with the tools to comply with data protection regulations based on the requirements of Spanish and European legislation. Focused on creating a series of protocols that focus on compliance with the provisions of the European Data Protection Regulation and the national Organic Law on Personal Data Protection that complements it.


They are a non-profit NGO that works on the training of human talent to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They do this through the co-design of projects using participatory and action-research methodologies, with a gender and intercultural approach.

They support the Femnøise initiative in every way to achieve SDG 4: Education for all; SDG 5: Gender equality within the cultural world and SDG 10: Reducing inequalities by creating opportunities for visibility and decent work for women.

Partner with us.

We believe in a collaborative future and in seeking to make a positive impact in each of our actions.

We create partnerships that work with us to create a more just and equal world. And our doors are always open to those who want to join us along the way.

If you are any kind of organisation interested in learning about different ways to collaborate, please contact us!

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