Terms and conditions of the Femnoise Fest call for entries

Call for proposals

Femnoise is a digital platform that aims to reduce the gender gap. It has a map that counts and geolocates women, trans, non-binary and dissidents in the music industry. In addition to tools that create synergies between them.

The Femnoise Gamified Festival to be held in September 2021, will have its own building in the Musichood World 3D with its own venues, selected artists will be able to connect directly with fans/potential fans, sell their merchandising, showcase their art in the venues and on the Femnoise stage. This festival is made by women, for women in the music industry.

To be part of this experience we invite you to register by following the steps below:

  • Log in and have your complete profile at www.femnoise.com. The links to your networks and digital platforms must be active.
  • Tell us why you want to be part of the Festival in the www.femnoise.com Feed.

Participation: information and responsibilities of those selected:

1- If you are a music artist: you will be in the first Gamified Line Up for women made by women with a 25 minutes show (The festival will take a “Showcase” format of international emerging talent).

2- If you are an audiovisual, graphic or photographic artist: you will be exhibiting your work with a fixed exhibition throughout the festival.

3- The Femnøise team will curate the artists who present themselves to select the ones who will finally perform in the festival line up. Once selected, each participant will be notified personally to start the production process of the material.

4- Mixed bands can participate, as long as the presence of
men do not exceed 50%.

5- All musical styles can participate.

6- The artists who apply to participate must have the possibility to record a 25 minutes video of their show with good quality sound and image.

7- The festival will be able to amplify the visibility of your work, therefore you must record and produce it in the way that best shows your talent to the world. The format of the video must be in Mp4.

8- A virtual shop will be activated so that artists and bands can sell their merchandising material and records. Each product will be redirected to the purchase links of each artist. Femnøise is not involved in any process and has no responsibility for the delivery of the products to the buyers.

9- Femnøise platform will invest in paid promotion for the festival and for the virality of each of the shows.

10- 70% of the total tickets sold by the festival will be divided by participating bands.

11- 30% of the total tickets sold are invested in recovering the money invested in the digital marketing campaigns.

12- In each performance of each artist, there will be a “DONATE” button that will go directly to the paypal account of the artist to which the donation is being made.

13- All the material produced by the band (image, video, audio) will be ceded to Femnoise for the production of content for the Festival.

The participating artists/groups commit themselves to:

  • Promote in their communities the launch of the festival.
  • Support the festival’s promotional campaigns to encourage ticket sales.
  • Be available on the day of the festival to chat backstage with attendees or fans or to do meet & greets.
  • Present the requested material in due time and form (complete profile on the platform, video of the show, presskit, paypal account, merch link, signed documentation of image rights and terms and conditions).

If you have any questions, you can contact our team directly at: members@femnoise.com