About Me

I’m a free woman doing what I love. I consider myself a world citizen, and music has given me the opportunity to travel around the world. I’m a singer, recording artist, and composer that has been in the music scene since 2008. Started as a rapper back in the days, but finding out the rap world was too sexist I got fed up and got into jazz music and other world music genres.

I studied fine arts in Valencia and Brazilian popular music in São Paulo and have been in the Brazilian nightlife scene for more than 10 years now. I have two albums out and two other finalized albums to be released this year 2021.

“Improvisación” is my first solo album with my compositions and it’s a synthesis of what I did during my 10 years in Brazil.

I’m already working on new music and upgrading my curriculum as a producer in SAE Institute Spain. The sanitary crisis hit me hard and I haven’t been performing for almost a year, so I lost all types of income, but fortunately I had been working very hard for the last few years and still have some little savings and I hope to get into performing again soon. In the meantime I have been producing a lot of music and making international connections with other musicians. I got to know Femnoise in a SAE workshop and got very motivated by the movement, and It brought back some hope on changing things and making this world a more equal and fair place.

I am available to help other women grow, and also grow with other women’s help and mentoring. I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese and I am the one taking care of my career so I have developed many extra skills on audio, marketing, video editing, campaigns, social media… I’ve turned out becoming an all-in-one artist because unfortunately we are demanded to do so in the “new music industry”.

I have been thinking about the idea of joining more feminine circles, and Femnoise came at the right moment for me.

Thank you very much for your time reading until the last line, and thank you Femnoise for this space where we can share our experience with other women.

I truly encourage any woman reading this to never give up and always believe in herself and practice self-love.

Take care, stay safe and one love



Band Artist, Beatmaker, Choirs / Voice Artist, Composer, Digital Marketing, Filmaker, Jazz Singer, Music Producer, Musical / Artistic Producer, Pop Singer, Producer, Record Label, Singer, Songwriter, Student, Studio Recording

Music Styles

Afrobeat, Bossa Nova, Down Tempo, Experimental Music, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Latina, Rap, Rhythm and Blues (R&B), Rumba, Salsa, Son Cubano, Soul, Trap, Tropical