About Me

Dj Rosario –  Queer Dj and producer.

In 2002, DJ Rosario co-founded LeSFATALeS, the collective promoting activism through music within the LGTBIQ+ community, creating new spaces for women in the electronic music scene in Barcelona. Currently Co-Director of Femnoise, a platform that supports a feminist digital economy in Music, A&R of the incoming label  Femnoise Records. DJ Rosario also supports up and coming artists by leading DJ workshops for women and non-binary people with Boller Room.

about her as a Dj, she is showcasing their ability to surprise audiences to the dancefloor by playing a musical cocktael of different styles and from different eras. From contemporary House and classic Techno to Acid House and Italo Disco, Dj Rosario takes listeners on a journey that will tug on the heartstrings and your dancing feet.





A & R Artists and Repertoire, Curator, DJ, Music Business, Music Producer, Music Teacher

Music Styles

Acid, Deep House, Electronic, House, Nu Disco, Tech House, Techno

Other organisations


Female Pressure, She Said So