About Me

Luisa Rossini, a.k.a. NoИ, is a singer, polistrumentist, eletronic music producer and DJ from Rome.

NoИ Project is an electroacoustic musical project that mixes different musical styles such as trip-hop, rock-folk, nu-jazz, progressive house, down tempo and minimal techno. She released her first album “Orderly” in 2018 and began collaborating with RaRaRa Records since 2020.

Introduced to jazz music by her father, NoN began as a jazz singer and start composing her own music since 2009, while starting experimenting with electronic music production since 2011, after going to London to deepen her knowledge. Once moved to Berlin, she met different artists and started experimenting mixing different styles of music as folk-rock, jazz or soul with electronic music. Using voice, electric guitar, eBow and synthesisers she’s trying to recreate that psychedelic feeling of an dreamlike journey in which sounds landscapes are constantly changing.


Band Artist, Composer, DJ, Electric or Acoustic Guitarist, Jazz Singer, Keys / Synthesizers, Live DJ, Music Producer, Record Label, Singer, Songwriter, Sound Designer

Music Styles

Deep House, Deep Minimal, Down Tempo, Electronic, Experimental Music, Jazz, K-pop, Minimal Techno, Psychedelic rock, Techno

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