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Experimental Ritual Electrocosmic Music

ROKEYA ✹⋔Cosmic Traveller & Astral Artist ⋔

Sound Collector, Producer, Composer, Selector

∴Art director & founder of EXTRA MUNDUS ∵

Based in Italy, but born in London to an Italian-Welsh mother and an Indian father; like her origins, her music is pure mezcla.Continuous research and experimentation without barriers. Tribal and earthly rhythms turn into dreamlike suggestions, artificial sounds, and future visions. Music born from the constant gaze of her “inneres auge” creating a dual circle between inner exploration and outer perception. Same look in the research for her musical selections.

The guiding vision is to create music that makes you dance, allowing your body to reveal those liberating gestures that we often keep locked within. As a Sound Collector, she is a Field recording addict, she captures organic and unusual sounds to enrich her experiments and create her own unique sound.

Her live sets are a continuous experiment combining Visual and Sounds, either solo or with her band “Rokeya y sus Diableros” in which thanks to the addition of esoteric and psychedelic sounds we share in the exploration of new dimensions. She collaborates with several radios national and international, she runs an independent one Radio Grancetta and she’s resident also with her show on MONDONERO (ITA), SVARA RADIO (UK), and LA COLLECTIF (UK).

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RADIO COLLABORATION: I’m team of a web radio RADIO GRANCETTA: the radio of our no-profit Music Association LA CASA DELLA GRANCETTA  a country house for musicians, a little studio, rehearsal rooms, cats, and independent concerts. Now we are temporarily homeless but you can find here >



Beatmaker, Composer, DJ, Graphic Designer, Live DJ, Multimedia Artist, Music Producer, Podcaster, Producer, Radio Host, Sound Designer

Music Styles

Acid, Afrobeat, Ambient, Breakbeat, Cumbia, Down Tempo, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Electro Cumbia, Electronic, Experimental Music, Flamenco, Flamenco, Folk, Indian Classical, Jazz, Latina, Minimal, Nu Disco, Reggae, Rumba, Sikuri (Ancestral Music), Soul, Tropical

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