Moonai: The first and only app to help relieve period-related pain in a non-chemical way.


Moonai help reduce the perception of menstrual pain with sounds, frequencies and rhythms impact the central nervous system.

It all starts with a coincidence. A coincidence between Helena Rodemann and Laura-June Clarke. They met at a creative hackathon that lasted three days and shared, something so very much a woman’s thing, the pain they were suffering from menstruation. Moonai partners with neuroscientists, gynaecologists, and psychoacoustic experts to provide the most effective sounds for period pain relief.

“In the last years, the positive synergies between music and wellbeing have grown and it highlights a path of wellness and health optimization in a non-pharmaceutical way,” said Laura-June Clarke, co-founder and Head of Business & Creatives at Moonai.

In addition to focusing on leveraging the current research on alternative relief for menstrual pain, Moonai is also shifting the narrative around menstruation as a taboo or fertility-related subject to instead portraying it as a vital sign of general health. “We’re intentional about creating a menstrual health app that isn’t obsessed with pregnancy and gender stereotypes,” commented Helena Rodemann, co-founder and Head of Product.

“We want to portray menstrual cycles in a positive, uplifting light, and we want to emphasize that what’s negative is the pain and the lack of options for it, not menstruation itself. We are ambitiously trying to end menstrual pain for everyone, forever. Millions of people worldwide are living with a pain they don’t have to, they should have more choices, they should have more options. They deserve to live pain-free,” she added.

Co-founded by Helena Rodemann & Laura-June Clarke. Moonai is a femtech startup focused on ending menstrual-related pain worldwide. Striving to become the leading voice that enhances and improves all menstrual experiences, Moonai is powered by neuroscientists, women’s health experts and pain researchers. incubated at Demium Barcelona, member of Barcelona Health Hub, Music Tech Hub Barcelona and accelerated at The Femtech Lab & Station.

Moonai has been a finalist of several competitions including Midem Lab last edition, She Loves Tech, Women Who Tech, and Explorer by Santander X.

Moonai App

“The app works. I felt my stomach relax automatically when the sound started, it’s excellent”

“It is the first thing I have come across that has helped my pain, it is easy to use, easily and readily accessible on your phone, and non-invasive. What is not to like?”

At Moonai they are working towards a day when health is even more considered, valued and respected. They are making that vision a reality by helping menstruating people feel better and live pain-free.

Some representative figures for Moonai

  • Over €1,700 spent on menstrual pain (excluding non-avoidable costs such as medical devices) and 4,100 pills taken on average for menstrual pain.
  • 5.5M€ of costs due to lack of prevention or mismanagement of menstrual pain by hospitals.
  • 30% of visits to the gynaecologist are for menstrual pain.
  • 9 days lost at work due to pain, representing a loss of €1,500 to €2,200 and €7M on average in public expenditure.

You can download the app here.

Congratulations to these two entrepreneurs who are looking out for the good of all, soon with Femnoise we will inaugurate a series of collaborations to continue linking music, technological development and the reduction of the gender gap.

“I was overall pleasantly surprised by the effect the sounds had on my mental and physical wellbeing”


Explore science-based sounds, resources, and pain tracking insights to help you relieve your period pain.

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