New job portal for women in the music industry

New Job Portal

Our feminist digital economy platform Femnøise, debuts a new functionality that promotes active job search and collaborations for women and non-binary people within the music and culture industry around the world, through a job portal designed specifically for the sector.

Femnøise has decided to go one step further in the fight against the gender gap in the music industry by developing a free access job portal for employers and candidates that adds to its web platform and soon app development. “We seek to promote recruitment and collaborations in international projects with an emphasis on equal opportunities and increasing the hiring of women throughout the music industry ecosystem” explains Natalia San Juan, director of Femnøise.

Recognizing the urgent need for concrete solutions, job creation and inclusion are closely linked. While growth and stability are necessary to provide women with the opportunities they need, women’s participation in the labor market is also part of the growth and stability equation. Hence the importance of creating this job portal.

Better opportunities for women can also mean greater economic development in developing economies, especially in a sector that, as a result of the health crisis caused by the pandemic, has been plunged into a severe crisis that threatens the progress made in terms of gender equality.

Complete control panel for the employer

The Femnøise job portal contains a complete control panel that allows the company, institution or project that is looking for a professional to add, manage and classify job offers.

A design that includes the details of the position, including the job description, the location of the position, as well as adding details about the company or project.

The system also allows to classify each of the resumes sent in order to organize the selection process.

Submit a job
A simple form allows you to upload a job offer to the portal.
Job Aplication
Candidates can apply through the application form and upload their resume.

A user-friendly job portal for female candidates

Every user of the Femnøise platform and job portal will be able to store her different resumes and will be able to fill in the forms for each job along with the possibility of adding notes.

At the same time, the system allows you to save your job searches and create alerts that send new job offers by email on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis. All this together with a complete search engine.

A system designed entirely to facilitate the search for women and non-binary people to fill more jobs within the industry, while allowing users to share collaborative or volunteer projects. “Our idea is not only to share job offers, but also to facilitate the creation of synergies between users, participation in projects, interdisciplinary and transnational collaboration,” explained the management.

We extend an invitation to companies and public/private organizations to use this employment portal to bring more and better possibilities to women in the ecosystem, while ensuring a greater number of candidates with a gender perspective to fill these jobs.

For further background information, or any kind of need related to the job portal and related matters, you can contact directly the department in charge of its management at the following email address: .

Share this new alternative with your community to reach more and more women around the world!

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